Sign on… at your local post office?

Sorry it’s been such a long time since the last update. I did get letters from the DWP that I couldn’t exactly call “replies” as they didn’t address the specific points raised in my letter and just copied and pasted the same bizarre rant sent out to everybody else, including the frankly deranged claim that the mere act of asking the DWP questions about the law and exercising our lawful rights under Data Protection and FoI constitutes “harassment” of them. Anyway, my notice has been served on them and I am following the court cases with interest.

But here’s a bit of news for everyone. It seems the government is seriously considering making people claim their benefits at their local post office instead of Jobcentre Plus! I was visited by a market researcher a couple of days ago and asked my views on the economy, the Post Office, the benefits system and, er, car tyres. And among the questions were several about how I would feel about applying for benefits at post offices rather than the DWP, in full hearing of neighbours queuing for stamps, posting their parcels, buying tax discs etc. As if the claims system isn’t humiliating enough as it is.

This may already be common knowledge for all I know, I haven’t really kept up to date on the government’s lovely plans for us all. But if not, be aware that they’re sounding people out about it already.

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3 Responses to Sign on… at your local post office?

  1. wishface says:

    so the local post office person would process a claim for dwp? I can’t see that being practical when you hold up the queue processing your claim to the tune of muttering old curtain twitchers bemoaning scroungers! This seems insane!

  2. It’s hard to say for definite whether this was being asked on behalf of the DWP or whether it was being commissioned by the Post Office looking at ways they can offer new services, as obviously the market research lady didn’t say who the clients were. I was being asked about a mixed bag of things (credit unions was another one), so presumably they were working for several clients. Quite a few questions came up about applying for the universal benefits online (which is fine by me), phone, the benefits office or the Post Office. And a couple of questions did specifically ask about how I would feel about applying (not just picking up forms or posting them) for benefits at the post office. And yes, I agree, it seems insane!

  3. Justin. says:

    This sounds like they are preparing the ground for the redundancies that will follow at Job Centres after the Universal Credit is introduced?

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