Groundhog Day

So it’s nearly two years since I last posted on here. That’s not exactly in the spirit of “Blog Early, Blog Often”, is it? In a nutshell, I went back into full-time work for a while but the work dried up and here I am, back on the luxurious Job Seekers Allowance. And, as I wasn’t back in full-time work for long enough, it also means that I’m still on the “Work Programme” in their eyes, so expect to see more posts at a slightly more prolific rate than once in two years!

And although workfare has suffered quite a few knocks in that time, the ever-popular Iain Duncan Smith insists that his gift of free labour to corporations will continue, even if pesky judges tell him it is illegal. That’s not going to stop me, says Mr Charisma, who has already put down some “emergency regulations” to amend the legislation and has convinced himself that this is the end of it.

To add to the Groundhog Day feeling, I have received a letter from the DWP, asserting that “nothing has changed”, while carefully avoiding mention of the court defeat that has led to them making this declaration in the first place! 😀

Now I’m not a lawyer but it does strike me that tabling “emergency regulations” just so that he can avoid having the issue debated in the Commons looks like a blatant abuse of parliamentary process. There is scope for a judicial review right there, surely?

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