Let’s sack Iain Duncan Smith

It looks like DWP Secretary of State Iain Duncan Smith may be surplus to requirements. Someone has programmed an IDS-o-Matic bot to perform the same functions as him, for a fraction of the cost of his £135,000 salary (plus expenses and generous taxpayer-funded pension).

Its output is uncannily like the real thing:

“Dispossess the mentally ill with a plethora of cuts, then give bankers another bailout.”
“Crucify legal aid lawyers with traumatic assessments and send their relatives to the workhouse.”
“Execute council estate riff-raff during a zombie apocalypse, then give more tax cuts to the rich.”

Or does the DWP already use an android to generate sociopathic policies that Maggie Thatcher would have secretly pleasured herself with but never dared to make public?  Perhaps not, I suspect that an android would be too compassionate to survive in that regime.

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